Quality by measuring and testing
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Universal Apparatus for testing the Fastness of Rubbing
design Dr. Ruf

for quick and exact determination of the resistance
of rubbing to wet and dry fibres in accordance
with DIN 54021 and SNV-Standard No. 95831.

                         For cutting out accurately sized round samples
                         of 100 cm² we recommend our
                   Sample Cutter PS 100

Special Prices on request!

Thickness Gauge
for High Loft Products

has been specially designed to measure the thickness of high loft non woven material
by means of a digital readout with relevance to ASTM D 5736 specifications.

Base Support Frame  
with load indicator:                          400 x 400 mm
Pressure foot:                                      300 x 300 mm
Measuring range:                                           200 mm
Readability:                                                        0.1 mm
Vertical adjustment handle

Special Price on request!