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The foam tamping machine is used to determine the thickness loss and hardness loss of flexible cellular materials intended for use in upholstery. This test provides a measure to evaluate the performance of flexible cellular materials of the latex and polyurethane types used in load-bearing upholstery. The test can be performed on standard size test pieces as well as on molded components.
The test principle simulates the penetration of a test body. This is smaller than the test specimen. The max. achievable force in each cycle is 750 N. Test cycles with up to 80,000 load cycles are possible.
A pneumatic cylinder inside the machine lifts the base plate to strike against the circular indenter. A set of weights is fixed on the indenter to give a repeated load against the specimen. For safety, the rehearsal room is completely closed By means of limit switches the door position is monitored and the test is stopped immediately when the door is opened.


  • easy to use
  • fast results
  • accurate, reproducible

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