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Compact, multifunctional workstation for document verification:
Ideal for visual inspection of banknotes, travel and ID documents and easy to use at border crossing points, airports, banks, police stations, money exchange counters.


  • Basic unit in modern design (table model) with holder for document magnifier case
  • Document magnifier 10 x, with integrated light sources, with case
  • Camera output for Canon Powershot G7-G12
  • 8 integrated lighting systems
    • Visual transmitted light (LED)
      • for visualization of watermarks, mechanical shaves, security threads, etc.
    • UV 365/ 313 / 254 nm incident light
      • 2 x 6W and 1x6W each fluorescent lamps for detection of paper authenticity, chemical shaving, fibers and security features
    • Incident light (LED)
      • for printing techniques, OVD/OVI authentication, etc.
    • Rapid incident light / grazing light (LED)
      • 5W LED with condenser for the detection of mechanical asures, embossing stamps, photo substitutions, etc.
    • External lamp (LED)
      • flexible light source for inspection of ID documents in grazing light or transmitted light, high light intensity
    • Vertical incident light (retro) (LED)
      • identical light source as above, with deflection unit (retro mirror), for the detection of retroreflective safety features


  • Digital camera Canon Powershot G12 incl. Lens adapter for Inspec-5 Adaption
  • Transport case for base unit
  • DC/AC converter 12 V

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